Games Played, and Doubting the Box

By now you’ve seen the army background of my Iosians, and gotten a handle on my irregular update schedule.  I’ll be working on both much more in the coming weeks.

I feel my Templecon and army goals have been progressing nicely over the last few weeks.  I’ve had several games with Garryth, and a few with Vyros since I picked my caster via The Box.  Needless to say, most of these games have not gone well.  My two games with Vyros consisted of me getting steamrolled by a Jack heavy Kreoss2 list.  Last week’s game with Garryth was like running into a brick wall of Trollbloods, with me unable to dent the army or get an assassination line.  The previous week’s game with Garryth was a win, but not an easy one.  In my opponent’s lust to kill the Mage Hunter Assassin flanking him, he opened up Irusk to three lanes of assassination.  I was able to use my few remaining Halberdiers to let Garryth get a few pistol shots off, then tore Irusk apart with Narn.  Had those failed, I had a Griffon missile waiting with 2 focus to seal the deal.  A good fight and a good win, but I hadn’t planned on it.   I hadn’t really had much of a plan really, which I think is a bad habit I need to break, especially if I plan to use assassination casters in the future.

So, after a few games I’m doubting that Garryth will work for me.  It may be that I don’t have the will to build an army solely to deliver him (smacks of netdecking), or that I just prefer more backfield and support oriented casters.  I’ve been debating switching casters for Templecon, with Vyros (despite the losses) and Kaelyssa looking like good picks.  The advantage of a theme (not a tier) army is that they fit with most any caster.

I will try Kaelyssa out this Thursday, and see how I do.

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Hold The Line

I promised you all background into the themed force I’m building, and so here it is:

The Raven Watch: Garrison Task Force assigned to Fort Lyliss

As Task Force Scyrah’s Blade escalates its hit and run attacks across occupied Llael and eastern Khador, the need for secure lines of retreat and readily available supply strongholds became rapidly apparent.  This need was met by several forts constructed in the wooded foothills north of Laedry.  These forts are located in remote, easily defensible locations, and are well stocked with food, weapons, and myrmidon parts.  Each fort is garrisoned by one of  the few Invictor units assigned to Scyrah’s Blade, a company of houseguard, and a handful of Myrmidons.

The Raven Watch guards the easternmost fortress, near the ruins of Riversmet.  This task force has seen more then their share of fighting, but have stoically and ruthlessly held their ground against numerous Khadorian and Menite expeditions sent to root them out.  These expeditions now litter the pine forests as corpses, fattening an ever growing population of ravens for winter.

There you have it, as always, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.


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Garryth, The Blade of Retribution

So what could be better then rolling an old, human hating, elven, gun-kata master for your first caster?  Having the model already painted before you rolled:

Enjoy friends!

Gun Kata

Gun Kata

Gun Kata


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